bss Name New Puppy in Memory of Brian Gregory

Guide dogs are very loyal companions for those who are blind or visually impaired. The most common breed trained are Golden Retrievers or Labradors. Their calm and caring nature means they’re the perfect fit for those in need of assistance.

Guide dogs are so important because every day, 250 people in the UK begin to lose their sight. The best way we can show our support is to donate so everyone has the chance to live an independent and fulfilling life. That’s why at bss we’re big supporters of The Guide Dogs Association for the Blind, and we’ve previously qualified to take part in the ‘Name a Puppy Scheme’ with our gorgeous guide dog puppy ‘Hilda’.

Hilda was named in Honour of Paul, our Managing Director’s, grandmother and now we’re looking to raise money again to show our support after Brian Gregory (Paul’s Father-in-Law) who sadly passed away on 7 May 2021.  In his memory we’re dedicating all our efforts into raising as much money as possible to name a guide dog after him.

Since 1931, 36,000 lives have been transformed thanks to a guide dog partnership. Supporting this charity can change someone’s life forever. The puppy may be small when we first sponsor it, but it’s got a big future ahead of it.

The Guide Dogs Association for the Blind was very dear to Brian as his Grandson has impaired vision. For the bss family, sponsoring a puppy is the best way we can honour his memory. If you could dig deep and support us in our efforts by donating to this wonderful charity that’s close to our hearts, it will be hugely appreciated.

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