BSS puppy is growing fast!

We are delighted to update you on the latest news from our adorable guide dog puppy Hilda.

Hilda continues to grow everyday as she develops from a tiny uncoordinated bundle of fluff to a hard-working dog ready to become an excellent guide dog.

Learning lots of new skills from her Puppy Raiser, Jennifer she now wears a puppy jacket while out walking to stop her from getting distracted.

The latest report states “Jennifer is very pleased with Hilda’s excellent recall, even though she is a sociable girl who enjoys playing with all her doggy pals, she always comes back when called”

Through this challenging times of 2020 it has been hard to get out and train Hilda in a social setting. With the world now opening up again she has coped really well with experiencing all the new environments.

So far Hilda has had fun exploring busy shopping centres, cafes and restaurants. Her trainer states ‘Hilda is a lovely girl who is a joy to look after’.

We can’t wait to see what Hilda gets up to next.! Want to find out about how to support this amazing charity? Find more information at

Remember to check back next month to see how Hilda is progressing with her training, we’ll be sharing regular pupdate as she grows!