Our colour matching skills were spot on for this patio makeover

Home improvements and renovations have become a popular weekend task over the last few months and picking a paint to perfectly match your colour scheme can be hard.

One of our customers wanted a patio makeover that would match their freshly painted PVC windows, but how do you colour match a patio to some windows?

the patio

Just a quick phone call to our office and we found the solution … chlorinated rubber paint!

There’s no need to spend the time and money on replacing flagstones that are looking a little worn and are showing cracks. This paint is a great way to refresh your outdoor space while keeping disruption to a minimum.

Used in applications such as road markings and swimming pools, chlorinated rubber paint is an extremely hard-wearing and temperature resistant solution, perfect for battling the Great British weather.

We matched the chlorinated rubber paint to our customer’s grey window colour perfectly and delivered it next day. We pride ourselves on offering a one-stop-shop solution and to help progress the job quickly, we supplied all the tools our customer needed to get the job done.

The paint was used in a family home, so we included an anti-slip additive, which makes it the perfect solution for younger residents who want to play out in the garden safely.

chlorinated paint on the patio

With no need to call in the pneumatic drills and a patio that looks better than ever, the customer was thrilled with the outcome of their refreshed back garden.

So, if you’re looking for a hard-wearing solution, in a bespoke matched colour with little to no maintenance and great value for money, chlorinated rubber paint is the way to go.

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chlorinated rubber paint on the patio