Hilda Pupdate: Going from strength to strength

As we celebrate National Puppy Day with The Guide Dogs Association for the Blind this month, we’ve also received Hilda’s first training report card!

Absolutely thrilled is putting it mildly. Hilda has been so dedicated to her training and we’re very proud of the progress she’s making.

Learning to be a guide dog requires lots of special skills, and Hilda’s report card from her Puppy Training Supervisor clearly shows how well she’s doing.

Hilda’s four-month review reveals that she’s brilliant at waiting for food patiently, staying clean and dry as she sleeps through the night and travelling well in the car. She has also nearly perfected her sit and wait commands.

The report card states: “Hilda is a bright and lively girl who loves to do things. Every fortnight she joins other puppies of a similar age on Zoom for group sessions.

“Hilda spends a lot of time walking around her local area and nearby town centre but due to Covid-19 restrictions her training experiences are limited.”

Even though the pandemic has made it a challenge to train Hilda and her puppy pals in the usual way, the Guide Dog trainers are doing their best to find new ways of teaching and socialising in 2021.

Want to find more ways you can support this wonderful charity? Find more information at: www.guidedogs.org.uk.

Remember to check back and see how Hilda’s progressing on her journey, we’ll be sharing lots of pupdates and photos along the way!