Expert refinishing services

bss is always looking to the future in terms of opportunities for all of our markets. We know it’s not just about the finish but also about the preparation of the substrate. We provide the knowledge and technical support and ability to find the correct product and solution for our clients’ surfaces.

We know time is money for our clients which is why we stock over 59,000 products so that we can deliver a solution in real-time from quality, trusted suppliers.

As the refinishing industry grows and becomes more advanced, so do our processes so that we can keep up with the demands, taking in to account profitability factors for our clients as well as efficiency. We pride ourselves on providing the highest standards in service, product and delivery to our customers as possible.

We use cutting edge technology to ensure a perfect colour match for your project the first time. Getting it right the first time saves you time and money and ensures consistency across your refinishing projects. Bespoke refinishing products are formulated for specific applications so they will fulfil the requirements of your brief.

Whether we offer support or guidance to SMEs or work in partnership with large enterprises, we give all of our customers the same level of service, and offer each one a bespoke solution to help make their day to day jobs easier.

Our team keeps up to date with the latest technologies and techniques so we can supply cutting edge solutions in the form of aerosols, coatings, abrasives and polishing products. We are also able to provide all the equipment you will need for your project, including application and safety equipment, and dust extraction solutions.

If you would like any further information on the surface refinishing services we provide then please do get in touch with us. Whatever your project calls for, we provide the ideal bespoke refinishing products and services for the automotive industry and other specialist applications.