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We’re thrilled to be releasing our very own colour spray out cards in conjunction with Mipa. We’ve been planning these for a while now because we know how difficult it can sometimes be for our customers to get the exact match when they don’t order bespoke, colour matched paint.

Spray-out cards (test panels) are small rectangular panels to which coatings are applied with the purpose of checking colour accurateness and opacity

They are a great tool for checking accuracy before you apply the colour to the substrate.

Taking a few minutes to spray a test panel can save you significant time and money by avoiding repainting .

So whether you are  buying automotive, commercial,  industrial paints or aerosols you can ensure you get the correct colour & application method prior to painting.

Now with our new colour spray out cards you can safely test and colour match your industrial spray paints and aerosols before getting too far into the job. This means refunds won’t be an issue because very little paint has been used, and less time and money is wasted.

The rear of the cards have the QR codes which link to Mipa’s Technical Tips page and the TDS for the MIPA Solvent & Waterborne coatings.

Spraying Your Test Panels

The  best time to check colour is well before the item is ready to be painted.

For Vehicle Painting Spray-out cards can be made in many ways, the following are three suggestions:

For 2 Stage Basecoats / Metallic Colours

  1. Option One –the Two Card Method: apply colour on 2 spray-out cards at the same time and once coverage is achieved, apply the control coat to only one card. Once the basecoat is dry, apply clearcoat to half of each card.
  2. Option Two – One Card Method: apply colour to one spray-out card. Once coverage is achieved, mask off half of the card and apply a control coat on the unmasked half. Once the basecoat is dry, apply clearcoat to half of the card.
  3. Option Three – Vehicle Method: making a spray-out card can be done during the paint process by taping a test card to an adjacent panel or a paint stick and spraying it while spraying the refinish area.

Before the final blend or control coat is applied to the repair, finish the spray out card and clear it for final colour evaluation before clearing the repair. If a colour adjustment is necessary, it can be made before the repair area is clear coated.

After the clear is dry, check your colour and make any necessary adjustments. Remember that the clear will generally make the colour darker.

Final colour evaluation should be made with a clear coated spray-out card.

Be sure to save your spray-out cards to create an awesome colour reference library!

Add a pack to your next paint and coatings order.

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