The importance of not being a one trick zebra

From dust extraction to health and safety, at bss we believe that businesses need to offer more than just a product or service now. Here, our MD Paul talks about the added extras that make a business stand out.


bss MD Paul O'Reilly talks about dust extraction and health and safety services

“We’ve grown massively since we were first established in the 70s. Beyond Surface Solutions (previously B.S. Supplies) started out as a body shop supplies company, and it quickly evolved to offer refinishing and coating supplies too.

Now, if we had just been paint suppliers, you could argue that we might not still be operating today, or at least not on such a large scale. We work as a partner with our customers and they know that we genuinely want to do the job right.

Many companies now offer a consultation service too, which is the right thing to do. Decisions are much more considered these days and as standards get higher, so do expectations.

One of the reasons we believe we are now a national supplier is because we offer bespoke solutions and end to end project management.

There are many things to be considered for refinishing and coatings that aren’t always a first thought such as health and safety regulations and dust extraction, which is why we consider it for our customers. It saves them having to go to two different companies.

As a standard, we help customers to implement the right processes so they can safeguard for the future. We also help them identify what improvements could be made for health and safety and for efficiency.

One of the services customers most often take us up on is dust extraction and breathing air test equipment, because keeping air clean and safe is incredibly important for ensuring dust levels are at a minimum. Using our dust extraction solutions will reduce the amount of dust in the air and safeguard the health and safety of staff.

This level of additional, unexpected service is the sort of thing that makes companies stand out from the rest and it’s something we truly pride ourselves on.”

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