They will rock you – bss sponsors ACT’s next show

We’re pleased to announce our sponsorship with the fantastic Amateur Dramatics Group, ACT.

MD Paul O’Reilly’s daughter, Ruby, is a member of the Sues Edge Am Dram group who run ACT, and Paul saw a show pre-Christmas which inspired the latest sponsorship.

He was so impressed by the production value and how professional the whole group was he decided to get involved.

He said: “What I love most about it, is that it’s a great place for young people to go and build their confidence. They teach valuable life skills, support the younger generation and teach them good values. So we’ve sponsored their up and coming show We Will Rock You.”

ACT is run by Sues Edge and Chris Edge, Sues commented: “Our We Will Rock You production will be staged at Festival Drayton Centre from 7th October to 10th October. We’re putting our whole focus this year on this large musical, it will be a great challenge for the cast.

She added: “We’ve been doing this for 20 years and it’s the first time we’ve had someone engage and have the belief in what we’re doing with young people which has helped us to focus on the work we’re doing with the young people.

“The donation helps us to concentrate on the production, supporting the young people in building their confidence and skills as well as helping them to engage with one another.”

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ACT production - We Will Rock You