Well done to James Morris on your championship win  

At Beyond Surface Solutions we have been following the progress of young Hot Rod driver James Morris for a few years now.   

We have a great relationship with James and his team, and the BSS Group is an ongoing sponsor for James. So, you can imagine how thrilled we were for the young driver when he took home the gold trophy in the 2.0 Hot Rod 2021 Championship of this World this weekend at Agahadowey Oval. He went up against 34 skilled drivers and came out on top.   

Runners up Dave Leech (2nd) and Jordan Rochford (3rd) were excellent opponents, and it was a thrilling race to behold. Well done, of course, to everyone who took part too.  

The win also came with a further prize for James, two Hoosier Racing Tires! Two excellent products from the internationally renowned tire supplier.  

 We can’t wait to see how James will do in his next race! Congratulations James on a great win!   

Read the Race Report here http://www.dmcracepromotions.com/

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