We’ve really ‘sprayed’ a difference with Zebra-Coat paint

We’ve really ‘sprayed’ a difference with Zebra-Coat paint 

We’re always thrilled to see the before and after of every paint transformation project, whether that’s oddly shaped kitchen cupboards or large PVC garage doors. Using industry-leading Zebra-Coat uPVC paints is a much more cost-effective solution to refreshing windows and doors!

Zebra-Coat is a uPVC paint which can be used on a number of otherwise difficult to paint plastic-coated surfaces. With hard-wearing, fast-drying qualities, this paint is specially formulated to adhere directly to aluminum, PVC, composite doors and kitchen cupboards, making it the perfect alternative to the laminate finish achieved with foils.

To get the best finish and even coverage, we always recommend using Walcom spray equipment, such as spray guns which you can learn more about while searching for Zebra-Coat paint here.

Walcom’s Craig Bourke (The_Specky_Painter) has produced some fantastic videos of refinishing projects using Zebra-Coat paint and a Walcom spray gun. He demonstrates everything you need to know about refinishing projects, from careful surface preparation to achieving the best results every time.

In one of his videos, Craig reveals how to transform a kitchen on a budget by simply giving the cupboard doors a new lease of life. For this, he uses Zebra-Coat paint in a modern light grey shade and applies the coating using top-of-the-range Walcom spray equipment!

The impressive uPVC coatings’ key features and benefits include:

  • Contains a brand-new anti-microbial additive, Surface13 which protects surfaces from bacterial and fungal growth 24/7.
  • Hard-wearing and fast-drying, Zebra-Coat paint dries within just 15 minutes!
  • Available in a selection of different colours, including shades from the British Standard range.
  • Bespoke colour mixing and matching available.
  • Comes with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Manufactured in a range of sizes from 1-1000+ litres.
  • Adheres to multiple substrates including aluminum, PVC, kitchen cupboards, composite doors and much more!
  • Zebra-Coat is the ONLY uPVC coating with the Surface13 additive option.

As trusted suppliers and distributors of industry-leading Zebra-Coat paint, we’re proud to give tradesmen confidence in bringing a new lease of life to existing windows, doors and other exterior applications.

This specially formulated paint is not only perfect for tradesmen, but it’s also a great money-saving option for customers with a smaller budget for their new window frames and doors!

Browse our full range of Zebra-Coat paints here. Remember to use top-of-the-range Walcom spray-painting equipment for the best results, which is available from Beyond Surface Solutions.

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