We’re proud to be a UK sub-distributor of industry leading Zenova Fire Paint.

Zenova is an incredible company and founders saw a much-needed gap in the market which they filled with high quality, potentially life saving coatings for the fire protection and insulation industry. The fire protect paint is tested to the very highest spec and latest standards and regular, independent testing is carried out.

Read all about Zenova’s various types of fire protection coatings on their website and learn all about their ground-breaking research

Types of Zenova Coating:

Zenova FP – Intumescent Paint

This fire-resistant, water-based paint is used to prevent the ignition and spread of fire. It’s also known as thermofoaming paint or intumescent paint. When exposed to heat, the fire-resistant paint swells and creates a light char foam. The paint becomes an insulating protective membrane, isolating treated materials from elements that maintain fire combustion.

Zenova IR – Thermal Insulating Coating

The Thermal Insulation Coating is ideal for both internal and external walls in either commercial or residential fire-protection coating applications. It can be used on its own or can be mixed with concrete and plaster for a render application.

Zenova IP – Thermal Insulating Paint

Zenova IP Thermal Insulating Paint is ideal for use in commercial and residential buildings. It’s modern insulating technology embeds in a thermos-like ultra-thin layer. It deflects, absorbs and dissipates up to 75% of heat and can be used on both interior and exterior applications. It also adheres to any type of surface.


Zenova intumescent fire protective coatings can be used in a variety of applications. Fire protection coatings for steel, wood, concrete, cables, metal and clear coating for upvc for fire protection are available to order now.

Zenova is unique in the fire protection coatings market and is closely governed. It is a provider of innovative fire safety and heat management technology, and we’re pleased to be working with them on their revolutionary fire protection coating systems.

These ground-breaking fire protection coatings are already highly valued in a number of sectors with the capacity to expand into further industries